Using the sun's energy

Using the energy of the sun is simple and good for the environment and, as we enter an age of renewable energies, is a viable alternative to fossil fuels. Vision, sound management and sophisticated technology: these are the things you need if you wish to efficiently generate solar electricity at low cost.

The Ikarus Institut can offer you all this and more – with the utmost in professionalism. Our solutions are new and are tailored to your needs, making them ideal for you and your project.

The Ikarus Institut sees it as its job to promote the efficient, environmentally-friendly use of regenerative energy sources.

We envisage the following course of events taking place: technological advances will boost the sector, lots of new products will enter the market, prices will drop, the systems will become more efficient and, thanks to new potential applications, electricity generation from solar energy will become an all-rounder.

Pooling abilities, innovations and ideas is an art form. And it's the key strength of the Ikarus Institut. At the same time, our long-term partnerships and agreements with strong general contractors and manufacturers mean that we can offer good prices, secure financing options and, above all, punctual realisation of your plans. In collaboration with you, an up-to-date best-practice model that is not biased in favour of any one manufacturer will be developed for your project.

We want to help you on your journey. Thanks to our strong partners all over the world, you can build your solar power plant anywhere on Earth and together we can build photovoltaic systems for tomorrow.

Discover with us the possibilities of solar energy generation, where previously you hadn't seen any. For example, the possibility of operating power plants with increased feed-in tariffs on conversion zones in Germany. Such areas include disused industrial zones, military bases and areas where there is soil contamination. Space that, year in, year out, costs money instead of generating income. With the right local knowledge, even land that is outside Germany (either in Europe or elsewhere) can be developed and used for energy generation.

As far as we can see, the global solar energy market has a very bright future. In a world where frivolous claims arising from spurious arguments are made that the lifetimes of nuclear power plants should be extended by another 12 years, we want to be at the forefront in the battle to develop environmentally-friendly technologies every day for the sake of future generations.