Put your factory buildings to good use

Profit from the roof of your factory building

The advantages of a PV system on your roof:

  • Turns an unproductive asset into one that offers a secure return
  • Contributes towards having a reliable electricity supply and minimises the risk of possible power outages
  • Increases the value of your factory building
  • Promotes an image of a "green" company that can produce environmentally-friendly electricity without any CO2 emissions
  • You will be working with a leading business in the sector
  • The Ikarus Institut works directly with the client – without any intermediaries – and is the associate coordinator for the entire system
  • With your help, the Ikarus Institut will find the right general contractor for your needs
  • All guarantees from one source – the general contractor is manufacturer, installer and builder all in one With production units in Europe, delays in additional deliveries etc. can be avoided
  • The Ikarus Institut organises all maintenance work during the useful life of the system, which is carried out free of charge to you for the first 25 years. This work includes upkeep of the roof
  • Any incident on the roof or on the PV system is covered by comprehensive insurance
  • Thanks to the top-quality materials used, the Ikarus Institut can offer excellent yields during the system's useful life
  • Before construction work begins, the Ikarus Institut arranges a survey of the structure, with certified surveyors checking that the roof is water-proof.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: Do I have to take care of any paperwork or plans?

A: No. The Ikarus Institut will organise all aspects of the project's planning, including all the necessary paperwork. We will also take care of your financing and insurance needs and, if you wish, the upkeep and maintenance of the system too.

Q: What's the next step?

A: Please fill out the form below and our customer care team will contact you without any obligation whatsoever on your part.

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