The importance of renewable energies that don't affect the climate is growing all the time and will, in future, represent a significant portion of all energy generation. At the same time, the overall potential of renewable energies is not fully exhausted by a long shot but is in fact still in its infancy.

IKARUS INSTITUT GmbH was founded with the aim of advancing the efficient and environmentally-friendly use of regenerative energy sources.

We plan and construct turnkey solar energy systems.

In all matters relevant to the diverse solar energy sector, we, as a capable and innovative partner, are there to help you. We can turn your wishes and aims into reality and are your competent point of contact for all issues relating to solar energy. Below, you will find a sample of our wide range of services.

  • The planning, installation and maintenance of large photovoltaic systems for industry and state bodies worldwide
  • Cooperation with selected first-rate partners
  • Collaboration with noteworthy financial services providers and investors